Work Rights During Study

  • Germany offers job opportunities to students in abundance.
  • Germany is considered the finest place for you to work along with your course of study.
  • Speaking German would be a great advantage if you are looking for job opportunities while studying.
  • Working during your course of study helps you financially by which you can meet your tuition and living expenses.

Where can I find work during German education?

  • Job agencies run by students ‘Studentenwerk’ helps students explore the countless opportunities available.
  • Check out advertisements in local and regional newspapers.
  • Get help from the Federal Employment Agency
  • Universities put up job opportunities (campus jobs) on student union websites and have job exchanges.
  • Research and choose your job wisely.

Types of jobs for work rights during German education

  • Part-time Job: Most convenient job type for students
  • Summer and Winter vacation jobs: You can work full time during your vacation time which is of 3 months
  • Internships: These are part of your course and needs to be completed during your course of study. These are normally performed at industrial centers of the field of your choice. Some internships are paid and if perform exceptionally, you get hired.
  • Work placements: Similar to internships, but you might not be paid.
  • Volunteering: Attain experience while serving a community. This kind of experience is related to your research work.
  • Training: People aged between 16 and 24 are offered traineeships. These give you training for getting placed.

Why should I work during my study in Germany?

  • To get acquainted to the work environment in Germany
  • A lot of work experiences to be put in your resume
  • Not to miss out on the opportunity to gain a valuable and enriching experience during your stay in Germany.

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