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Work rights after study in Germany

Many international students stay back in Germany after completing their graduation for searching jobs. This is because Germany is a good place with numerous job opportunities for the students with specialised knowledge. Once your studies are over in Germany, your resident permit will also get expired. So you have to apply for a new resident permit or an extension from the Foreigners’ Registration Office to work or search for work after your study in Germany. Most of the universities will be having their own placement department which guides you through procedures of getting a job after your graduation in your own field of study. You can also seek out to the local employment agencies with the help of your universities to search for a suitable job in your field of study. It is far better if you secure a job before your graduation.

There is a high demand for well-qualified professionals in German job market. Students with vocational qualifications are easily get placed in industries across Germany. The occupations which are in high demand are medicine, Information Technology, science and especially engineering. Medicine in Germany is the highest paid job of all the other academic disciplines. As for engineering, the maximum number of vacancies is coming up in the field of mechanical, automotive and electrical engineering.

Residence Permit for Post Study Work in Germany:

Germany offers attractive residence permits which enable you to accept a job which befits your line and level of studies. Non-EU students are eligible for residence permits that would enable them to find a job matching their line and level of studies.

Residence permits while looking for a job:

After completing your studies in Germany, you may not find a suitable job immediately. You can apply for an 18-month residence permit from your local Foreigners’ Registration Office to stay in Germany and search for a suitable job that matches your field of study. If you have already secured a job, you need not apply for this residence permit. You should apply for this residence permit immediately after completing your final examination. The necessary documents for applying for this permit are,

  • Passport
  • University degree certificate or an official certificate from the university stating your successful completion of studies
  • Suitable health insurance
  • Proof of your financial resources to support you during your stay in Germany for searching job

If you cannot support yourselves financially, you can arrange for a letter of Guarantee that the Guarantee will take care of all your expenses during your stay in Germany. The Guarantee should prove their ability to take care of your expenses.

If you are back in your home country, you are entitled to apply for a six-month visa in Germany so that you can go and search for a suitable job in your field of study. You need to have a university degree and have the financial resources to fund your stay in Germany. This visa is strictly not a work visa. You have to apply for a separate visa after getting a suitable job.

Residence permit after getting a job:

You have to apply for a German residence permit or EU blue card after getting a suitable job in Germany. If you want to work in Germany for a long period of time, you have to apply for a German residence permit. An EU card is applicable if you want to move to other European Union countries for your employment.