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Visa and Entry Requirements for France Education


  • Have you got accepted to a university in France? Then bonjour! my friends you are on a journey to a fantastic study abroad destination.
  • If you are a EU national then good news is on the cards, you do not need a visa to pursue your education on France.
  • If not the case, then follow the below listed steps to travel to France with ease.

Decide on a Course/University and attain an acceptance letter for French visa

  • You must first decide on course and then apply for the university of your choice.
  • Find the right kind of university depending on the course you want to study.
  • Make sure to apply for many universities, because chances are that your choice university might not accept you.
  • Once applied wait for an acceptance letter from the university

Apply for right type of French Visa

  • Once you receive the acceptance letter from the concerned university you can proceed with the visa application procedures.
  • Find out which type of visa you need to apply for, since there are number of visas to enter France.
  • There are three major types of visas for students which are:
  • Schengen’ short-stay student visa (3 months visa, ideal for short term courses and do not need a residence permit for the same)
  • Temporary long-stay visa (3-6 months, ideal for long term courses and need to apply for a residence permit which is not renewable)
  • Long-stay visa (for entire duration for your course, 3 years for Bachelors, 2 years for Master’s and 4 years for a PhD)

Where to apply for the French visa

  • You can apply for visa at French consulates in your home country or area or through Campus France.
  • Some countries require you to apply through Campus France first.
  • You must schedule an in-person appointment with the French consulate via official website of the consulate.
  • Make sure to schedule an appointment date 90 days prior to your departure to France.
  • You can get your visa in 5-7 working days.

Language requirements for a French visa

  • You need to provide language proof of:
  • French language proficiency if you opt for French taught courses (accepted tests are DELF/DALF or TCF)
  • English language proficiency, if you opt for English taught courses (accepted tests are: IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge)
  • Note that if you have an acceptance letter from a French University then the French consulate won’t require any additional language proof.

Documents applied for your French visa application

  • Visa application form
  • Two passport type photos
  • Valid passport and copies of your previous visas
  • Official enrolment or acceptance letter from the university
  • Proof of financial means to cover all your expenses during your study (approx.€615/month)
  • Airline ticket/reservation showing date of departure
  • Medical insurance with a minimum cover of €30,000.
  • Documents stating the accommodation arrangement during your studies
  • French language proficiency certificate
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee

Apply for Residence Permit

  • Your first year of study does not require a residence permit and you will require only the French student visa as proof of your residency.
  • You need to register at the local French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) and have a medical examination to validate your visa.
  • If you plan to stay in France for more than a year then you need to apply for official residency card.

Other Essential Information

  • You can work during your course of study pertaining to few rules and regulations which include:
  • Allowed to work part-time if you have valid residency permit.

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