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Universities in Germany

Understanding Universities in Germany

  • Recent years show a marginal hike in the number of students wanting to study in Germany.
  • A solid reputation of the exceptional education of German universities is one of the main reasons for a significant rise in migration of international students to Germany.
  • A strong economy along with the fact of education being free for undergraduate programs has made Germany an attractive destination for international students.
  • Moreover, you get to find your choice of course and university regardless of whatever it may be.

Available Options of Universities in Germany

  • Each city in Germany houses a variety of prestigious universities and provides students with distinct courses.
  • Higher education in Germany has three different types of institutions which are: Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, and technical, art, film and music colleges.

Some of the popular universities in each of the major German cities are listed below:


This city has no shortage of universities.

  • Freie University of Berlin is a top-ranked research university in the city and is ranked fourth largest among research universities.
  • Humbolt University of Berlin, one of the oldest universities in Berlin, is ranked 99th as per Times Higher Education World University Ranking. It is considered a hardcore research university providing work opportunities alongside to research for students.


Being the largest city in the state of Bavaria, Munich is an apt destination for international students, considering the number of universities it houses.

  • Home to more than 5,000 international students, Technische Universität München University excels in technical disciplines and technical courses like engineering. It ranks 53rd as per World University Rankings and holds partnerships with various prestigious institutions.
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, ranked 60th as per QS World University Rankings, possesses 15% of international students. Being one of the oldest universities, it offers around 100 study courses particularly in the fields of business, management, psychology, and physics along with English language courses.

Universities in Smaller Cities

Some of the other popular universities located in other smaller cities in Germany include:

  • Heidelberg University
  • Schiller International University
  • Hochschule Furtwangen University
  • University of Freiburg
  • Leuphana University Lüneburg

Other Essential Information on Universities in Germany

Each of the 16 states in Germany follow their own rules and regulations. Universities in Germany have a lot of independence and funding for their education and research. So, make sure to check the guidelines of the university before applying.

DAAD offers International Program Search Tool, which finds 98 bachelor programs taught completely in English. Jacobs University is the only university which provides bachelor program in mathematics taught in English, with tuition fees of €20,000.

Other German universities which offer undergraduate English-language programs are: Universität Freiburg, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Universitat Leipzig, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, and BAU International Berlin.