Student Visa for France

Do you need a student visa for France?

The  student visa requirement for France will depend on whether or not you are an EU national. If you are an EU national, or national from the EEA, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you do not require a French student visa. Instead, all you will need in order to legally study in France is a valid passport or other valid travel ID.

If you are a national from anywhere else in the world, you will need to obtain a student visa for France in order to be able to do your study.

List of required documents  to grant Student visa  for France:

  • Attested copies of X, XII & Graduate Degree (if applicable), Mark Sheets including Backlogs (Re-sits)
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Standardised Tests e.g. GMAT, GRE (where necessary for the programme)
  • Two academic references
  • Two references from employers (where applicable)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume/CV
  • Draft for application fees, if applicable
  • Portfolio (for Art, Design & Architecture programme)
  • Other Certificates & Achievements of Extracurricular Activities


The documents required for individual universities and individual courses may vary in France.

What type of French student visa you want?

There are several types of French student visa, and the one you require will differ depending on how long you are planning to study in France for.

  • Schengen student visa (short-stay)

If your studies will last less than three months, and it is  sure that  you will not be spending any longer in the country, then you should apply for the court séjour pour étude, otherwise known as the short-stay or Schengen student visa. The Schengen student visa is issued free of charge and cannot be renewed.

  • Visa to sit entrance exams

If you need to travel to France in order to sit one or more university entrance exams, you can apply for the visa de court séjour étudiant concours, which simply means a visa for sitting entrance exams. If you sit your exam and pass, you are then eligible to apply for a renewable, one-year residence permit. For more information, contact the admissions department of the French institution you wish to study at.

  • Temporary long-stay visa

The visa de long séjour temporaire pour études is a temporary student visa that allows you to study in France for a period of up to six months. With this student visa for France you do not need to apply separately for a residence permit.

  • Long-stay visa

Known as the visa de long séjour pour études or the extended-stay VLT-TS, the long-stay visa is that you need if you wish to study in France for longer than six months. This visa acts as a residence permit and lasts for the duration of your study period (normally three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s program and four years for a PhD). Algerian nationals do not require the VLS-TS, but are subject to different provisions. Contact your institution or the French consulate/embassy in your own country for more information.

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