• Education in USA is quite expensive but don’t let that put off your aspiration to study abroad, as there are many opportunities to gain funding for your studies.
  • As an international student, the scholarships intended for US national would not be applicable for you, however, a large number of scholarship programs are available for international students.
  • There are numerous resources available for students to search for scholarships.


Government funded Scholarships in USA for International Students

Fulbright Foreign Student Program:

  • Offers scholarships to graduate students, professionals, and artists for the 1-year study.
  • Open for all fields except medical field.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program:

  • A non-degree scholarship program for experienced professionals.
  • Provided for a duration of 10-month academic study in US

Non-Government Scholarships in USA for International Students:

Abbey Road Summer Scholarships:

  • offers $1,000 for language and art students.

The NextGen Scholarship Fund:

  • Scholarship worth $1000 for US non-residents with at least 3.0 GPA and enrolled in a university within Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia.
  • Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship: offers $1000 to passionate international students twice a year.
  • P. Shapiro Annual Leukemia Scholarships: offers two annual scholarships of $1000 to students diagnosed with leukemia

University-specific Scholarships in the USA for international students

  • American University Emerging Global Leader
  • Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program
  • Clark University Global Scholars Program
  • Emory University Needs-Based Scholarship Program
  • Harvard University Scholarships.
  • Illinois State University International Awards
  • Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships
  • Michigan State University International Scholarships
  • New York University Wagner International Scholarships
  • University of Arkansas International Scholarships
  • University of Iowa Scholarships for International First Year Students
  • University of Minnesota International Excellence Scholarships
  • University of Oregon International Scholarships
  • University of Wisconsin Superior Non-resident Tuition Waiver Program

Other Scholarships in USA

  • For Asian Students: East-West Center Scholarships and Fellowships and Japan-United States Friendship Commission
  • For female students: AAUW International Fellowships and MIT-Zaragoza Women in Logistics and SCM Scholarship

For graduate students: Rotary Peace Fellowships

For students from developing countries: Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme, Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders and MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

How to apply for Scholarships in USA

Follow the below three steps:

  • Ask your school/college or institutions for various scholarship programs being offered
  • Check for eligibility criteria
  • Download correct forms and apply.

Other Information

  • There are also various assistantships offered to students for achieving educational and professional goals and to achieve research programs. They are:
  • Research Assistantships (RA): Research assistants closely work with lecturers to provide assistantships for the research projects and other research settings.
  • Teaching Assistantship (TA): Teaching assistants assist teaching faculties to provide assistantships for the students in theoretical and practical knowledge about the subjects.
  • Administrative Assistantship (AA): Administrative assistants closely work with administration staffs to assist them in operations of the university.

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