Scholarship Schemes Ireland

  • Tuition fees in Irish universities vary depending upon the type of university and course you opt for. However, undergraduate programmes in all public institution is Tuition free.
  • The Irish government provides numerous scholarships for both undergraduate and post-graduate courses, which in turn plays a significant role in attracting international students
  • Scholarships are aimed at students who come from a financially week background and who otherwise would not be able to attend a university.
  • Some other scholarships are aimed at attaining academic excellence by attracting brightest students via scholarship programs.

Types of Irish scholarship

  • Unlike other countries there is no central scholarship granting and hence each individual institution provides their own scholarship schemes.
  • The eligibility criteria for scholarships of each universities and institution differs. They have set forth their own eligibility criteria.
  • There are also various research specific scholarships offered for research students for their research purposes and both national and international students may apply for it.
  • There are also some national government scholarships available as well as some that are funded by research bodies.
  • There are also substantial number of local scholarships available for foreign students which are a mixture of Government as well as private scholarships.
  • Scholarships such as typical scholarships pay for undergraduate fees, through the Free Fees scheme for EU students and also through annual scholarships awarded by Government, university or research bodies.
  • studentships that fund a student throughout the course of a PhD based on academic merit are also available which are some of the additional schemes for postgraduate students.

Conditions to obtain an Irish scholarship

  • Majority of the available scholarships are merit based and on past academic performance.
  • The government of Ireland encourages international students to opt Ireland as their study destination by providing them university specific as well as government scholarships.
  • Some of the major conditions to receive an Irish scholarship are:
  • proof of academic excellence,
  • writing of a personal statement indicating future plans
  • winning of an offer at an Irish university

Other Essential Information

  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship Programme 2015 is one of the government funded programs where the minister for education and skills awards scholarships worth a total of €750,000 to 30 high achieving students from Brazil, China, India and Malaysia.

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