Post Study Work Rights

Introduction to Post Study Work Visa Rights:

  • The students aspiring for higher education in UK have a choice of more than 200 universities each offering a vast range of range of tertiary qualifications in various subjects.
  • Postgraduate degrees hold tremendous universal value and pave ways for excellent employability among many recognized entrepreneurs. Such a reason holds back most of the students to explore job opportunities after their completion of the study program. Working in UK after your study program lets you attain experience in an international environment.
  • There are diverse options as per post study work visa UK 2017 which lets you remain in UK and seek work opportunities after you have completed your studies.

Common Post Study Work Visa

1. Tier 2 (General):

What is it?

  • Post Study Work Visa is generally designated for skilled workers with a job offer
  • You must receive an offer of employment and the employer must provide you with a ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’ (CoS)
  • To provide you this visa the employer must hold a Tier 2 sponsorship license and offer you a graduate level job.
  • The employer must also allocate a Certificate of Sponsorship and provide minimum applicable salary- £30,000 per year.
  • You can switch to Tier 2 visa from Tier 4 visa within UK only if you all other criteria and eligibility requirements for Tier 2 visa.
  • Depending on the employment terms Tier 2 visa has a duration of 5 years.


  • Applicant needs to secure a full-time job before applying for a visa.
  • The employer must be licensed to the Home Office.
  • Applicant must be offered a job which pays at least £20,800 per year.
  • Applicant must show evidence of fund at least £945 in a bank account for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Must have a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree, or have completed the first year of a Ph.D. Postgraduate diplomas (Except PGCE or PGDE teaching qualification) will not be accepted.

2. Tier 4 (Doctorate Extension)

What is it?

  • Available only to Ph.D. students who are very near to the end of their studies.
  • This visa falls under Tier 4 route which is a work visa which allows students to remain in UK for up to 12 months to work for any employer.
  • If you wish to stay in UK after this designated time of 12 months you must shift to another visa


  • Completion of Viva
  • End corrections are made and uploaded to the spiral system
  • Examination by the internal examiner stating that the final corrections are made
  • Must submit the thesis declaration form to the registry, signed by the student and the supervisor.

3. Tier 5 (Government Authorized Exchange):

What is it?

  • The Post Study Work Visa is cumulative of four separate programs which are:
  • Work Experience Program- for job shadowing (12 months) and internships
  • Research Program- for research programs on a specific scientific, academic, medical or government research project (24-month visa).
  • Training Program- To carry out formal training in Science and/or medicine. This normally leads to a professional qualification (24-month visa).
  • Overseas Government Language Program- to carry out teaching placements in the UK (24-month visa) which are sponsored by their overseas government for language teachers.


  • You can switch from Tier 4 to this route if you are within UK
  • Under Tier 5 visa route you are required to show that you have £945 held for 90 consecutive days. This maintenance amount remains the same whether you apply from overseas or within UK.

Other Information

  • Visa application must be completed Ph.D. date of date of award and before the current Tier 4 expires. The application can only be done within UK
  • Apart from this, a proof of availability of funds must be shown by the candidate. An applicant must demonstrate that they possess ££ 2530 in a bank account for 28 consecutive days.
  • As per the post study work visa, UK latest news for non-EU students, the rules on moving from a student visa to a work visa are strict. Essentially, you’ve got to have a graduate job, with a graduate salary, with a licensed Home Office employer.

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