Living in Sweden


  • Though a sparsely populated country, Sweden is world’s richest countries and is a top destination for expatriates. It is well known for providing its inhabitants high standard of living.
  • Characterized by its long coastline, extensive forests and numerous lakes it caters to a scenic treat along with a safe and secure environment for students in particular who wish to pursue their higher education here.
  • With education based on self-development combined with group work, innovation, and critical thinking, students are showered with opportunities to explore in the field of business and leisure activities such as tourist places, islands, Boat trips, great restaurants etc.
  • A peaceful environment and myriad educational and work opportunities makes Sweden a sough destination among the international students.

Various Cities in Sweden


  • The nation’s capital and the largest city in Sweden.
  • vibrant, multicultural and has large student and immigrant population.
  • home to many prestigious universities, such as the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, the Royal College of Music, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, and the Karolinska Institute.


  • A modern and affordable city for international students with plenty of opportunities for education and fun. The city is home to the Museum of World Culture and the Gothenburg Opera.
  • Houses two highly ranked universities: The University of Gothenburg and the Chalmers University of Technology.


  • The city is known for its university life, cultural events theaters and museums.
  • Malmo is Sweden’s third largest city and is home to Malmö University, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö Academy of Music and Malmö Theatre Academy, as well as The Faculty of Medicine.


  • A beautiful city in Sweden located by the Lake Malaren is known for its strong industry and the largest lakeside commercial and recreational port in Scandinavia.
  • It houses Malardalen University which is also one of the prestigious university in Sweden.

Language and Culture in Sweden

  • Though the official language of Sweden is Swedish, a vast majority of inhabitants speak English.
  • Many multinational organizations and universities use English for their medium of communication. However, many other languages are also spoken by Sweden’s diverse population.
  • There are innumerable opportunities to get involved in Sweden’s culture with concerts, plays, gigs and exhibitions held at the length and breadth of the country all year-round.

Living Standards and Cost of Living in Sweden

  • Sweden offers a high standard of living, however certain cities such as Stockholm is the most expensive place in Sweden.
  • Accommodation consumes biggest portion of an expat’s salary. Apart from this clothing will account for a big part of an expat’s expenses.

Work Ambiance in Sweden

  • Sophisticated environment with work safety regulations it houses a disciplined, educated, and experienced labor force and ranks among the best in the world for working conditions.
  • It has myriad work opportunities in various sectors.

Tourist attractions in Sweden

  • The nation has a plethora of tourists’ attractions which includes Drottningholm Palace, the permanent residence of the Swedish royal family, Kalmar Castle which has history of over 800 years,
  • Some of the other notable destinations include the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities, the largest museum in Stockholm presenting more than 10,000 years of country’s history, Visby – best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia that dates back to the 12th century and amazing boat trips and cruises to numerous Swedish islands.

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