Living in New Zealand

Getting Started

  • No matter how much planning you have done in advance, you would always be bewildered when landing in a new country.
  • Make sure to get a proper accommodation for your stay for your first few weeks here in New Zealand.
  • Set up your mobile phone and internet is a top priority after you land.
  • Know how to get around in the city well in advance and research about the transport systems in the country.


  • New Zealand gives you the freedom of choosing the place to reside in from a variety of options such as suburban homes, rural living and lifestyle blocks, apartments, flats and townhouses.
  • Students are provided with university accommodations and also home stays are available.

Education and Schooling

  • Finding an apt educational institution will be your priority if you have kids.
  • The nation prides itself on an education system that is world-class, modern and responsive.
  • Some of the world’s top universities are located here and the nation is also one of the sought destination among the international students for higher education.

Medical Care

  • The residents and some work visa holders of New Zealand visa benefit from a public healthcare system, which is free and low cost and can opt for a medical insurance for private healthcare, although many New Zealanders do not opt for this additional cover.
  • Healthcare services for nonresidents come at cost and they must get their insurance done form their home country.


  • You need to possess good language skills in New Zealand.
  • There are language courses to suit your style and level of English so check out your options and start as soon as possible.
  • There are also language requirements to take up a New Zealand visa

Safety and Security

  • New Zealand is a safe and secure place to live in.
  • The rights of individual are protected by a wide range of laws and can receive any legal help easily when required.

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