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Living in Germany

Migrating to Germany

  • Migrating to Germany means living in a cosmopolitan place of diversity and modernity.
  • Each city in Germany has its own charm and specialties.
  • The nation is well known for its cuisines and is an ideal place for people who enjoy food and wine.
  • It is considered as the world’s biggest car producer.
  • All the above make Germany a fascinating place to live in.

Living in Germany as Expat

  • The nation is lively, interesting and economically feasible to live in.
  • With its powerful economic background, a high-quality standard of living is maintained.
  • The population of expats has been rising steadily over the years.
  • Germany maintains high standards in schooling, education, healthcare systems and public infrastructure.
  • Understand and gain expertise in German language to live and work here effectively.

Cost of Living in Germany

  • Offers a good standard of living
  • However, this nation has one of the highest tax rates in the world.
  • The salary packages offered here are significantly higher than other areas of Europe.
  • Cost of living can vary as per your choice of city to reside in. More developed cities have a higher cost of living while East Germany offer a low cost of living.

Language Used While Living in Germany

  • German is the official language of Germany.
  • A significant percentage of German population do speak English and is used for international business.


  • The climate in Germany is cool and cloudy with wet winters and summers.

Career Prospects while Living in Germany

  • Finding work in Germany as expat can be quiet challenging.
  • Knowing the German language is an advantage
  • A lot applicants are required in electrical and mechanical fields
  • A lot of training and internships are offered to facilitate your job search.

City Guides- Living in Germany

  • Relocation is stress-free and efficient
  • Identify areas you want to reside in
  • Find schools that are ideal for your kids
  • Keep your environment neat and clean.
  • You must register all your details with the German police within seven days of moving into any apartment.