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Higher Education in USA

Introduction to higher education in USA

  • Considered as the holy grail of higher education
  • The nation draws talent to itself
  • Students can attain invaluable academic excellence along with professional and personal growth.
  • Several higher education courses are offered.
  • Numerous scholarships are offered to students who want in complete their higher education in USA

Why higher education in USA

  • Most valuable universities for higher education are housed in USA
  • The nation has the finest higher educational system
  • You can study any subject you want. From computer science to courses of entertainment. USA has it all!
  • Being a leader in technological aspect, it provides a ground-breaking platform for research projects and encourages students to develop products by offering them support.
  • The campuses are lively, encouraging you to socialize and make friends. A lot of facilities for entertainment and relaxation are also available in and around the campus.
  • Provides you with a multi-cultural environment.
  • Assures you of a career opportunity after your completion of studies.
  • Makes you self-reliant, outgoing and independent.

Structure higher education in USA

  • Community Colleges: Duration of this community colleges are two year colleges that award an associate degree.
  • State College/University: Colleges which are under the control of the state/local government which have the name of the state.
  • Private College/University: Private colleges which are run by a branch of the government.
  • Institute of Technology: Institutes which provides at least four years of study in science and technology.

Levels of higher education in USA

Bachelor’s Degree (First Level):

  • Duration of the under graduation is for four years, based on the student’s interest and qualification,
  • Before applying for higher education in USA, the international students must arrange for passport, visa and other prior arrangement for travel to USA.
  • Required certificates include higher school certificate, transfer certificate, proof of the citizenship, certificates for projects, passport, visa and other certificates as required by the institutions.

Master’s Degree (Second Level):

  • Can pursue master’s after completion of under graduate education.
  • Students who wish to pursue master’s degree must take up specific tests, such as the LSAT for law school, the GRE or GMAT for business school, and the MCAT for medical school.

Doctoral (Third Level):

  • Students must complete post-graduation and master’s degree to undertake Doctoral program.
  • Students who wish to study Doctoral program must submit certificates of post graduation and master’s
  • Duration of the doctorate graduation may be three years and for international students it can be five or six years to earn PhD degree.
  • Students must complete English proficiency test to undertake PhD degree.
  • Strong research proposal required on the particular topic of your course.

Other Information for higher education in USA

  • USA has two unique higher education institutions which are junior or community college of two years and liberal arts college of four years.
  • Most universities and colleges have two terms (semesters) which occur in Autumn and spring
  • Tuition fees varies and depends upon the university or college you choose. A public college charges $3,500 per year and a private college charges $15,000 per year. In addition to which there are various other expenses.
  • Colleges and universities have clubs, organizations and student union councils.
  • Students can opt for off campus or on campus accommodation.