Employment Prospects


  • Attaining a working experience outside your home country is an asset and holding a good reference from an Irish company makes you standout and attractive to the prospective employers.
  • Ireland holds a limited labor market and there is a lot of competition for best paid jobs, however there are certain industries where there is shortage of manpower and you will find an abundance of vacancies there.
  • Ireland possesses a modern economy with an extremely developed democracy within Europe.
  • here is a fierce competition for skilled jobs opportunities and you can secure your chances of getting an employment with relevant work experience and third-level qualifications.

Major sectors

  • Tele-services employment prospects in Ireland– There is a lot of job opportunities for technical support for computer and software customers, selling financial and marketing services or other goods, and making reservations (e.g. hotels, flights).
  • Software employment prospects in Ireland – There has been an unprecedent unprecedented demand for candidates with appropriate skills, both in software producing companies and in other organizations who use computers.
  • Electronics employment prospects in Ireland – Many jobs were created recently in this field. Candidates must possess a degree or certification in the same subject to try for job opportunities in this field.
  • Nursing & Healthcare employment prospects in Ireland – There is lot of man power shortage in this area particularly in Dublin and specialist nurse training courses are being created in Cork, Waterford and Limerick, and fees for ‘back to nursing’ courses have been abolished.
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products employment prospects in Ireland – Candidates in search of job prospects in this area have lot of opportunities. Ireland is considered as one of the major base for manufacturing and developing pharmaceuticals and medical products.
  • Automotive & Aerospace Engineering employment prospects in Ireland -Candidates such as designers, engineers, toolmakers and aerospace engineers are in high demand for this sector.
  • Financial Services employment prospects in Ireland -A lot of opportunities are there for junior fund administrators and fund managers as well as customer service, IT and e-commerce staff under this sector.
  • Construction employment prospects in Ireland – Irish construction industry has been steadily growing and so is the requirement for manpower. A lot of opportunities exists for plant operators, apprentices and graduates (e.g. architects and surveyors).


Summer Jobs

  • Ireland has one of the busiest tourism and hence you can work during your vacations and take up any seasonal work.
  • EC funds a scheme called European Voluntary Service (EVS), this offers students a chance to volunteer up to 12 months.

Teaching Jobs

  • Ireland is a popular destination for studying English
  • You can find work opportunities in English as a foreign language (EFL) schools are privately run but work can also be found in smaller towns and cities such as Cork and Galway.


  • Depending on the industry you can take up internships in industrial centers.


  • Perform a thorough research on available employers and job opportunities in Ireland.
  • Make sure to include a cover letter and reference while applying for jobs in Ireland
  • International students must perform an early search.
  • Always try and mail your resumes personally to the employers, this shows that an extra effort has been put in.
  • Always practice and revise your subject before an interview
  • Most importantly, stay positive, persistent and strive for the best.

Work Ambiance in Ireland

  • You get to work in a peaceful and relaxed environment
  • As an employee, you would be entitled to sick leave, public holidays, maternity leave and parental leave and four weeks of paid holiday a year.
  • You would require to pay your income tax which the employer will deduct from your salary

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