Employment Prospects in USA

USA a Land of Job Opportunities

  • A leading nation with strong economic structure and growth
  • Provides students with a plethora of job opportunities in all fields of work
  • Students possessing various skills set are in demand for American market
  • Graduates are in high demand in the field of agriculture, real estate, healthcare, computer science, film production etc.
  • You can work while you study. Distinct part-time job opportunities are available
  • Many companies and universities provide students with temporary work visas for taking up a job for a short while.

Tips for hunting job opportunities in USA

  • Perform a thorough research about the available employers and job opportunities in USA
  • International students must start the early search for job opportunities in USA
  • Understand your capabilities and skill sets
  • Grow your network. Take advantage of your school and university communities.
  • Always try and mail your resumes personally, this shows an extra effort has been put in.
  • Always practice and revise your subject before an interview
  • Maintain formal dress code while attending an interview.
  • Most importantly, stay persistent and positive and strive for the best.

Types of job opportunities in USA

The job market in USA has always been competitive and the job seekers must attain expertise in selling their resume to the employers. Here are some of the job types you can find: Summer Jobs in USA

  • One can find summer work and travel opportunities from the months June to September.
  • You can take up seasonal jobs at hotels, theme parks clubs etc.
  • One can also work at summer camps
  • Some popular sites for summer job search are Camp America, Bunac – Work America, Gap 360, CoolWorks.com and many more.

Teaching Jobs in USA

  • Opportunities for teaching English in public and private institutions and schools are available in large amounts.
  • To teach in a government firm you might need a teaching license and a degree whereas in private you will only need master’s degree.


  • A J-1 temporary work visa enables students and recent graduates to work temporarily in the nation.
  • It includes an internship program of duration 12-18 months in certain industries.
  • You can either find your own internship program before applying for a J-1 visa or a job opportunity via an internship provider.

Work ambiance in USA:

  • A relaxed work environment with employee-friendly working hours (9 am to 5 pm)
  • Enough annual leaves (2 weeks paid leave) along with public holidays and other festival holidays.

Other important information:

    • The official language of USA is English. If English is not your native language then you might need to sit for English proficiency test which is IELTS and TOEFL.
    • Most employers recognize a UK qualification and the degrees achieved there to hold a great value.
    • The countries in major industries are aerospace chemicals, consumer goods, electronics, food processing, healthcare, lumber, mining, motor vehicles, petroleum.
    • The nation has the most advanced media sector and has a global audience to it.


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