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Employment Prospects in Germany

Germany, a land of job opportunities

  • A densely populated nation with strong economy as compared to other European countries and hence home to an excellent job market.
  • Large employment opportunities for skilled workers especially in the fields of IT, healthcare, science and pharmaceuticals.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises contribute largely to the German economic success.
  • You can work while you study in Germany.

Tips for hunting job in Germany

  • Perform a thorough research on available employers and job opportunities in Germany.
  • Make sure to include a cover letter and reference while applying for jobs in Germany
  • International students must perform an early search.
  • Knowing the German language is a plus point when seeking jobs in Germany
  • Always try and mail your resumes personally to the employers, this shows that an extra effort has been put in.
  • Always practice and revise your subject before an interview
  • Most importantly, stay positive, persistent and strive for the best.

Types of job opportunities in Germany

Summer jobs in Germany

  • You can work during your vacations and take up any seasonal work.
  • EC funds a scheme called European Voluntary Service (EVS), this offers students a chance to volunteer up to 12 months.
  • Opportunities vary and are offered in the fields of social care, sports etc.

Teaching jobs in Germany

  • It is a popular destination for English teachers.


  • The duration of internships lasts between eight weeks and one year.
  • Payment terms depend upon individual institutions.
  • Students are required to complete internships during their course of study at industrial centers.

Work ambiance in Germany

  • You can enjoy a lot of public holidays
  • The average working hours per week is 40 hours
  • The net average salary is slightly lower in Germany as compared to other European countries
  • The German business culture has a well defined hierarchy.
  • Professional status is generally based on your expertise and educational qualifications.

Other information

  • Majority of employers in Germany have a strong command of English, however possessing a good knowledge of German language is an asset.