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Courses in Ireland

  • Ireland’s educational achievement rates are the highest among the world.
  • With a safe and secure educational environment, Ireland ranks first for graduates per 1,000 inhabitants among the other European countries.
  • It has an history of world class education built on lengthy tradition of academic excellence.
  • International students make up about 12% of the student population from almost 16 countries.
  • Irish research ranks top among various other research fields and all the Irish universities ranks top 3 % worldwide.

Types of Courses in Ireland

The Irish institutions offer various degrees which included the following:

Bachelor’s degree Courses in Ireland

  • A bachelor degree in Ireland usually has a duration of 3-4 years of full time studies and are evaluated based on ECTS systems.
  • You can earn up to 60 ECT’s per year for bachelor’s degree in Ireland.
  • You must earn your bachelor’s degree if you wish to continue for master’s degree.
  • There are diverse types of bachelor’s degree conferred up on students which are ordinary bachelor’s degree, Honours bachelor’s degree, Bachelor in Stage Management and Technical Theatre Degree, BA in Contemporary and Applied Theatre Studies, Bachelor (Hons) Business Studies and Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Hons).

Master’s Degree Courses in Ireland

  • A master’s degree in Ireland can lasts for one year and can extend up to 2 years as per the programmes.
  • The cost of master’s degree in Ireland varies slightly with respect to your nationality. EU/EEA students pay around €4000 to €6000. The educational cost for international students is slightly higher and is around €9000.
  • Though Irish is the official language, all the courses are taught in English which proves as an advantage to the international students.
  • Various master programs include Research Masters (MPhil), ME Energy Systems Engineering and Masters of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems)

Doctorate Courses in Ireland

  • You must first successfully complete both masters and bachelor’s degree to take up this program.
  • The duration of this program varies as per your research paper and subject of your choice.
  • A doctorate program in Ireland has been established and has adopted one of the most forward-thinking doctoral training systems in Europe, and focuses mainly on research expertise and academic excellence.

Other Information

Some of the most popular courses opted by students who wish to study in Ireland are: Professional Master’s of Education (Post Primary), MSc in Finance, MSc Business Management, MSc in Human Resource Management and many other courses.