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Studying In Canada

Why studying in Canada is the correct decision for students to pursue their graduation?

Studying in Canada can be the best decision to enhance your knowledge and skills to achieve success in an increasingly challenging, complex and competitive business environment that we live in today, it is imperative that students make the right decision in choosing the right destination to pursue their graduation or further their academic aspirations, to emerge victorious in their educational endeavors.

That being said, Can Approve, the most trusted immigration consultant with over 20 years of Industry Experience suggests that studying in Canada, an increasingly popular study destination today for international students, can be one of the wisest decisions that one make, for the innumerable benefits that the country has to offer, which is covered one by one and listed below.

Top 8 Reasons to Study in Canada !!!

1. Education System:

Canada has an excellent, unparalleled education system that makes it ‘one of the most educated countries’ in the world with 99% literacy rate employing state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly sophisticated learning ambience, world-class programs, well-renowned educational institutions with highly qualified and well-experienced teachers providing an outstanding learning experience that it attracts several international students from across the globe to study in Canada.

2. Well-Renowned Universities to Study in Canada:

Given below is the list of top universities to study in Canada:

1. University of Waterloo

2. University of British Columbia

3. University of Saskatchewan

4. Western University

5. Cape Breton University

6. Capilano University

7. University of Regina

8. George Brown College & more…

 3. Notable Programs to Study in Canada:

Distinguished Learning Programs to study in Canada to make excellent career decisions for their future;

1. IT & Networking

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Health Science

4. Architecture

5. Engineering & Management

6. Arts & Science

4. Career Opportunities After Studying in Canada:

The country’s economic growth has been rapidly increasing and trending exponentially with a minimal GDP of USD 1.52 trillion as on 2016, making it the tenth-largest economy in the world.

The country has been ranked 3rd out of the 149 nations by the Legatum Global Prosperity Index in Business Environment providing abundant career opportunities, which indeed is one among the many reasons why several international students prefer studying in Canada.

5. Safety:

The country is well known for its ‘low crime’ rates due to its strict enforcement of the law, making it a safe, well-protected and disciplined environment for a better living, especially for international students studying in Canada, while staying miles away from their home.

Canada is a fully developed country that enables the immigrants to improve their quality of living by having access to a clean environment, well-developed public transportation system, healthcare, education and much more.

The permanent residents of Canada or the citizens can greatly enjoy the benefits of the state-funded healthcare service at no cost, making it the safest dwelling place in the world.

6. Cultural Diversity & Friendliness:

Canada has also been identified as one of the best immigrant-friendly and ‘Multicultural’ countries in the world that embraces people from all ethnicities giving importance to diversity and quickly accepts them into their community with no racial discrimination, which makes the students feel very comfortable while studying in Canada.

7. Language Barriers:

Canada is an English speaking country and with ‘English’ being one of its official languages, the settling becomes easier for immigrants from any country, especially for students; allowing them to comfortably exchange their ideas with ease while living & studying in Canada.

8. Part-Time Jobs for Students Studying in Canada:

Students are also encouraged to work part-time while studying in Canada, which can be very useful to them in managing their daily expenses with ease.

On an average, a student can earn up to $20 CAD per week while studying in Canada; a few recommended jobs are listed below for consideration,

1. International Students Recruiter

2. Recreation Facilitator

3. Book Store Keeper

4. Librarian

5. Life Guard at Swimming Pools

6. Research Assistant

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